A Warm Welcome to The Jolly Group 

Here at The Jolly Group we think we are surprisingly JOLLY! It's very exciting times for us and we can't wait to show you what we have been up to. 


From flower picking fun (Jolly Flower) to getting lost in a Maize Maze (Jolly Maze) to picking that perfect pumpkin (Jolly Pumpkin), we have got it covered, and guess what, it's all rather JOLLY!!

So what are you waiting for! Get your tickets booked and get yourselves down here for some Jolly Good Fun. We can't wait to see you. 

Baby in a Pumpkin

Jolly Pumpkin

This year we have gone bigger and better with over 50 varieties of Pumpkin, Squash & Gourd

The Jolly Pumpkin_logo_FINAL PNG Small.png

Jolly Maze 

We have a Giant Maize Maze with a theme, to celebrate those playful little yellow mischievous characters

Jolly Maze PNG_edited.png

Jolly Flower 

We have a field of Sunflowers, Wild Flowers and Cut Flowers for both picking and, of course, those photos for Instagram!

Jolly Flower PNG.png


Unfortunately the rather unjolly Covid- 19 is still very much about! We therefore have put a number of measures in place in order to make your visit to us as safe as possible. Some of these measures require your co-operation which we kindly ask you to comply with.


One of the biggest changes to last years pick your own pumpkin event is the implementation of our online ticketing system, where we strongly encourage you to pre-book your tickets. This not only allows you to take advantage of our online admission discount that we offer, but it allows us to control and monitor our customer numbers. Your safety is our priority.      

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